Beer Pong

DISCLAIMER: This "team building exercise" is in no way endorsed by TESSCO.

Brian White
I stand for beer pong success.


You have been selected for a chance to compete in the TESSCO Second Annual Beer Pong Tournament.

This exclusive tournament is strictly for participating TESSCO Team Members. Except Dan—My roommate. Due to space limitations guests are not permitted.

Registration is Now Closed

Registration is closed at this time, but all hope is not lost! Contact me directly and you will be entered into the official wait list for your chance to buy out any competitors position that is unable to compete.

The 2008 Beer Pong Participants!

  1. Andrew Burch
  2. Bill Kornick
  3. Brea Fahey
  4. Brian White
  5. Chris Fox
  6. Dan Jayjock
  7. Jennifer Iglar
  8. Jennifer Jones
  9. Katie King
  10. Ken Sloat
  11. Mollie McDonnell
  12. Neal Driscoll
  13. Paul Garland
  14. Scott Shapiro
  15. Tom Callahan
  16. Tom Throckmorton, Jr.

Tournament Rules

Teams & seeds will be chosen at random and announced by Feb. 11th

Double elimination will be in effect, after a loss, teams are placed into a losers' bracket. The eventual winner of the losers' bracket plays the winner of the winners' bracket for the championship playoff. [Complete list of rules]

Last Year's Bracket & Results